Staff Contact Information

Office Staff

Dani Hickman, Secretary
Shelly Cull, Principal

Teaching Staff 

Hugh Clarke, Division 1 (Grade 6/7/8)
Adelle Barker (0.8) and Brianne Mooney (0.2), Division 2 (Grade 5/6)
Tamara Minchenko, Division 3 (Grade 3/4)

Amber Gudmundson, Division 4 (Grade 2/3)
Monique Richoux, Division 5 (Grade 1/2)
Robbie McAfee, Division 6 (Grade K)

Brianne Mooney, Prep teacher and Explorations
Shelly Cull, Music k-5

Adelle Barker, Band 6-8
Marcy Corke, Learning Resource Teacher and Library

Jocelyn Duncan, Speech Language Pathologist

Support Staff

Christine Leclerc, Certified Education Assistant
Marly Ulmer, Certified Education Assistant                                                             

Kelly Stalker, Certified Education Assistant                                                           

Katelyn Abel, Certified Education Assistant

Donna Gregersen, Indigenous Support Worker

Joseph Menghini, Custodian

Liza Altizer, Bus Driver


Christy Konschuh, Early Learning Program Facilitator


Bob King, School Counselor