Dressing for the Weather

With the recent cold and wet weather, the staff at Falkland School encourage you to help your child come to school prepared for changes in the weather. Snow will be arriving before we know it. Here are some suggestions to help keep fun the focus of outside time and learning the focus during class time.

  1. Pack an extra pair of clothes (labeled) for your child in a large plastic baggie in their backpack – shirt, pants, socks, etc. in case they get wet while playing at school.
  2. Have your child wear a water resistant jacket and snow or rain pants to school to keep dry and warm. Children can also bring an umbrella to help keep dry.
  3. Water resistant mittens or gloves are also helpful so hands remain dry and warm. A second pair is recommended in case the first pair get misplaced or wet at recess. The second pair can be worn at lunch.
  4. Rain boots or snow boots are important to keep feet dry and warm.
  5. Please label your child’s clothing and footwear with their name.