Information for School Start up

We hope all our students and families are having a wonderful summer. Can you believe in just a little more than one week, school will be back in session.  Please refer to our June Newsletter here that contains important information about start up. Here are a few reminders about the first couple of days…

  1. First day is Tuesday, September 3rd for all students EXCEPT new kindergarten students. Kindergarten students have a gradual entry schedule outlined in our newsletter.  The first full day of school for students in grade 1 – 8 is Wednesday, September 4th.
  2. When you come to school on Tuesday, September 3rd, students are to line up as they did last school year.  Students will be in their last year classrooms for the morning. The first day of school traditionally has been a day to reconnect with the teacher and peers from the previous school year.  This procedure allows us to finalize our numbers with any new registrations in order to configure our classrooms with certainty.  All new students are asked to report to the office. There will be an assembly at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, September 3rd.
  3. On Tuesday, September 3rd, students will be dismissed 3 hours early (11:11 AM) and busses will run early, making their usual stops, to accommodate this.
  4. Our 2019-2020 bell schedule can be found in our June newsletter or here.
  5. We kindly ask that you do not purchase school supplies.  Supplies are purchased by the school in order to ensure students have what they need according to teacher preference and planning.  Please access our newsletter for more information.  Our 2019-2020 school fee schedule is below and due on Friday, September 27th.