Updated Provincial COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines for K-12 settings

Please have a read through some new health and safety protocols at our school given the new Guidelines for K-12 Settings announced February 4th. I will continue to update this post with any new protocols if the interpretation of the Guidelines changes. A revised Health and Safety Plan, specific for Falkland School will be updated by the end of February 2021 with the help of our school based Health and Safety Committee.

  1. Masks are now mandatory for all staff and students in grades 6-8 both within and outside their cohort/learning group except when 1. sitting in (or standing at) their seat or desk/workstation in a classroom or learning space, 2. there is a barrier in place, 3. eating and drinking, and 4. outdoors. There are exceptions for people who cannot tolerate masks. Please contact Mrs. Cull if your child cannot tolerate them. No changes to expectations for students in k-5. Mask use for students k-5 should be based on their personal or family/caregiver choice.
  2. Physical distancing between students and staff in the same learning group/cohort should include avoiding physical contact, minimizing close prolonged, face-to-face interactions, and spreading out as much as possible. These new guidelines provide an opportunity for staff to review current practices and possibly implement even further practices to ensure safety (ie. groupings, line ups, seating arrangements, etc.).
  3. Physical distancing between students and staff outside their learning group/cohort remains the same 6 ft even with a mask on.
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4. During PE students in grade 6/7/8 will need to be distanced 6 feet from each other in the same learning group/cohort.

5. During music, students in grades 6/7/8 will need to wear masks while singing in the same learning group/cohort. Bell covers will be provided and used while playing instruments.

Additional REMINDERS for parents:

  1. Contact Mrs. Cull if your child requires an exception to any of our protocols (ie. hand sanitizer, mask use, etc.).
  2. Please ensure your child has a water bottle at school each day.
  3. When dropping off and picking up your children please remain 6 feet from others not in your immediate household.
  4. Please develop a plan with your child in grade 6 – 8 to care for their masks (washing at home) and grade k – 5 if wearing a mask is their/your personal preference.
  5. Please continue to assess your child’s health each morning before coming to school using this Health Check App. Contact the school if your child is absent. Please remember to include the reason for their absence. If you or your child has symptoms of illness and are wondering whether testing is needed, click here. You can also use the Self Assessment Tool, or call 811 or your health care provider.
  6. Personal belongings at school are limited to those essential for education.