Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, visits Falkland School

On his way to pick up his new puppy (Henry) from our community of Falkland, Col. Hadfield made a pitstop at Falkland School on Friday, September 17th. A heavily decorated astronaut, engineer, and pilot, Col. Hadfield’s many awards include the Order of Canada, the Meritorious Service Cross and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal. He was named the Top Test Pilot in both the US Air Force and the US Navy and was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. He has flown three space missions, building two space stations, performing two spacewalks (EVAs), crewing the Shuttle and Soyuz and commanding the International Space Station. He shared with students he has been around the earth 2650 times, saw the sun 16 times in one day, lived in space for half a year and was the first Canadian to leave a space craft and float freely/walk in space.

We feel so fortunate that he was able to pop in for a visit to share about his accomplishments and experiences in space. While our two oldest classes heard him speak in person in our gymnasium, families joined in from the comfort of their homes and our 4 youngest classes streamed in from their classrooms in order to meet the current health and safety restrictions for our region. Col. Chris Hadfield made a very brief in person appearance to our 4 youngest classrooms. CLICK HERE to view a video of Col. Chris Hadfield singing to our grade 1/2 students as he peaked in their class. This impromptu performance was initiated by Chris Hadfield himself after noticing the teacher’s guitar hanging on the wall.

Thank you to the Robinson family for coordinating his visit. Thank you to Chris Hadfield for the visit and sharing your experiences with our school community. Falkland School students, staff and families are grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity.