Calendar Feedback Reminder

Dear Stakeholders,
Please see the attached DRAFT District Calendar for the 2019-2020 school year. As per the BC School Calendar Regulation, we are collecting comments from the public on this proposedcalendar to share with the Board of Education and inform their decision regarding its adoption.
Please note the following:
  • The number of non-instructional days (in red) have been determined through provincial negotiation, and are not part of the localcalendar process. The proposed placement of these days, done in collaboration with the local teachers’ association (NOSTA) as per the language in our Collective Agreement, is part of the local calendar process.
  • As of November 2015, the new BC School Calendar Regulation has been in effect. It is different from the previous regulation in several ways, primarily that it sets the number of hours of instruction rather than the number of days of instruction. You may also have noticed the additional non-instructional days and a subsequent reduction in instructional hours in recent years. These were negotiated provincially to assist with implementation of Ministry of Education New/Renewed Curriculum. There are no additional non-instructional days for 2019-2020, so we will return to the standard instructional hours.
  • Instructional time in schools with both elementary and secondary students will need to reflect the minimum hours for each age group. Schools with students in grades 7-12 will reflect the 8-12 requirements. Schools with other configurations (ie. K-8) are finding local solutions, such as alternate recess and/or lunch bells.
  • The turnaround day (in maroon) on January 27th is for secondary schools only. Elementary and middle schools will be in session on that day. Additional minutes will be added to the secondary bell schedule to make up this time.
  • This proposed calendar has a two-week Spring Break. This is the most typical Spring Break configuration in the province. School days are extended to make up the difference in instructional time.
  • Once a District Calendar has been approved by the Board of Education, each school will work with their local stakeholders to establish their bell schedules in a manner with the framework of the BC Calendar Regulation and the NOSTA Collective Agreement.
Please take a few minutes to review the proposed SD83 District School Calendar that is attached to this email, then provide comments in the survey form by clicking the link below. This surveywill be open until Friday, March 1st.
Thank you for providing this valuable input!
Peter Jory
Superintendent of Schools/CEO
School District No.83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)2019-2020 draft calendar