Back to School Information

  1. Welcome Back Everyone!  We are excited to see students in Grades 1-8 on Tuesday, September 4th.  Please remember there is early dismissal on this day at 11:15 AM.  Buses will run as usual, just 3 hours earlier. The first day for new kindergarten students is on Wednesday, September 5th.  You can scroll down to see the gradual entry schedule.
  2. On the first day,  students are asked to line up outside as they did last year.  Students will be returning to their previous teacher’s classroom to reconnect.  This helps to ensure everything is in place before we move forward with class placements for the year.  Please remember that students in grade 7 and 8 start at 8:08 AM. Students in grades K-6 start at 8:18 AM. The new bell schedule and rationale from our June Newsletter is included below. Grade 8 schedule
  3. Our new kindergarten students start on Wednesday, September 5th on a gradual entry schedule as noted in our June Newsletter.  We are excited to have these students join our wolf pack!

newsletter info

4. Included in your child’s report card in June was a summer homework assignment.  Please ensure your child brings a 3-5 inch flat, roundish rock (river rock) on the first day.  Many thanks! only-one-you-assignment.jpg

5.  Welcome Clint Endacott, new teacher of Division 2 – our Grade 5/6 class, to Falkland School.  Mr. Endacott will be full time until the return of Ms. Barker at the end of October.  When Ms. Barker returns, Mr. Endacott will continue in the class on Fridays.  Also congratulations to Dani Hickman on her successful bid as secretary at Falkland School.  We are very  happy to have her back at our school.

6.  Our Fee Schedule for the 2018-2019 school year was published in the June Newsletter.  In addition to the fees outlined below, all students will need inside non marking shoes.  Students in Grades 3-8 will require a memory stick.  Students in Division 1 (Grade 7 and 8) will require a 2″ Zipper Binder.

Fee Notice 2018-2019

7.  Please visit to read information from our School District as well as a Back to School message from our Superintendent, Peter Jory.